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Dragged all around the (public) houses: the quest for a name….

When it came, they knew it immediately. We’d been in the Black Horse in Hertford, and then we had moved onto the Crafty Duck, and the search for a name for our fledgling photo and promo gift business had been arduous (for me), but enjoyable (for them).

My keepers had been through dozens of suggestions: honed them, examined them and rejected them. Still, they hadn’t, it seemed, found THE ONE. And then it happened…it crept up on us all. They had been playing around with the right word to put in front of “…Image”: Brilliant, Smart, Immediate, Immaculate, Altered, these and more had all been and gone.

One of them – it might have been Mummy – finding inspiration from somewhere deep, said tentatively: “What about Fitting Image…?”

It felt like a big step in the right direction – a fitting image. They spent some time reminiscing about an old TV programme (right then, as it happened, readying for a comeback!); puppet caricatures of famous people singing songs and whacking each other over their rubbery heads, apparently. It all sounded rather odd to me!

Clearly it wasn’t quite right though; my keepers were still dissatisfied. Fitting Image…Spitting Image…no, the perfect one was still hiding out there somewhere.

Silence. I wagged my tail, hoping it might conjure up a bit of magic, or maybe just a treat. Daddy took a swig of beer. Then a sudden breakthrough – a “eureka!” moment: Spiffing! Spiffing Image! That was the one!

Oh, the relief! They clinked their glasses together, and gave me a funny look – almost as if, right there and then, they were already plotting to dress me up in this bowtie and make me the embodiment of the new brand.

After some enjoyable fuss, I thought I might be able to settle down for a kip, but no, onwards and upwards with the celebratory mood! I got given a biscuit and then they dragged me to The Quiet Man!

Never mind though – Spiffing Image had been born.