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Saving the planet – one bag at a time!

My humans do what they can to recycle things and, apparently, it’s a lot to do with something called the environment. Just recently they had a bit of a wild goose chase (which sounds great to me!), trying to recycle a whole load of plastic carrier bags that has built up over time – they tried the local domestic recycling site: no-go; they tried taking them to a supermarket: no-go there too.

So, the bags came back here while we thought about what to do with them for a bit longer. At least they’re not floating around in the sea though, which has become a massive problem, according to an organisation called Greenpeace. These guys reckon that the equivalent of a truckload of plastic goes into the oceans every minute of every day. I mean, I have no idea what a “truckload” even is, but judging by the worried looks on everyone’s faces, this is not a good thing to happen.

Of course, the whole point of a plastic bag is that it is both useful and then disposable. Throwing it away turns out not to be much good for this environment thing though, and recycling isn’t easy, so why not get bags that are so nice that you don’t even want to throw them away, that people will keep and use again and again? In fact, why not use such a bag to promote your business, by putting your logo on it?

Spiffing Image can produce a range of cotton and polyester bags with logos or photos, with a premium cotton bag (right) also available

Using bags as a promotional product ticks a number of the boxes I talked about in my recent blog “Promo products are the real deal!”. A bag is a physical product that by nature is useful, meaning that people will potentially keep them for longer periods and use them repeatedly. Every time they do, they will see your brand again and be reminded of the nice people that gave them their lovely bag. As they walk around a shop, or along the road, everyone that passes them by will also see your name and logo, giving you even more exposure that just might translate into growing your business.

A nice cotton or polyester bag can have a real feel of quality. We do some lovely tote bags, starting from a fiver, but with a premium option too, that will convey your brand values with real style and longevity – and by avoiding plastic, a bit of sustainability as well.