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Promo products are the real deal!

Few sights are more impressive than my workers here walking around the house in their Spiffing Image branded shirts, supping tea from a similarly branded mug and jotting their thoughts down in a smart notebook with our famous logo emblazoned on the front cover.

Okay, few sights are more impressive to me anyway!

But my feelings aside, there has been a good deal of study into the benefits of promotional products in the past, showing them to be among the most effective ways of making an impression. The PPAI (Promotional Products Association International) in its 2017 Consumer Study Report, for instance, looked at the five, key metrics of promotional products – the “Five Rs”:

Reach: to deliver exposure to recipients

Recall: to generate awareness of the brand

Resonance: to transfer a favourable attitude to recipients

Reaction: to influence change in buying behaviour

Relativity: to satisfy recipients, against other advertising channels

The research found that promotional products scored highly in all of these factors, in comparison to other ways of marketing. To pick just one statistic from the report, around eight in ten of those asked said they would be more likely to look up a brand after receiving a promotional product, and 83% said they are more likely to do business with a brand they have received a promotional product from than one they have not received a product from.

So, what is it about a promotional product that makes it so effective as a marketing tool? Here are just a few of the widely accepted characteristics that contribute to that effectiveness:

Brand exposure over an extended period

Unlike most forms of advertising, that are seen briefly and forgotten about, branded promotional products have the power to keep giving you exposure for long periods. Aim for usefulness – items such as mugs, notebooks, keyrings and facemasks serve a purpose and will therefore be held onto for much longer, thereby increasing your exposure and enhancing brand recognition.

Relatively low cost

Promotional products are usually fairly inexpensive, when compared to most other forms of advertising, and become more so as you buy in bulk. Add to that the longevity of promotional products (as above) that are used and reused, and you can be certain of getting a good bang for your buck.

Something real

People love to be given something that they can touch, feel and make use of – characteristics that have taken on even greater significance in the digital age, where a tactile, physical object can achieve real standout.   

Emotional response

Usefulness, longevity, tactility – all of these things are capable of prompting an emotional response from the recipient of a promotional product: they begin to identify with the brand on a personal level. According to the PPAI Consumer Report I mentioned before, 82% of consumers agreed that their perception of a brand positively changed after receiving a promotional product.   

So, promotional products are a relatively inexpensive way of getting your name in front of potential customers, and keeping it there for an extended period, while also being useful to them and helping to inspire positive thoughts about your brand. And though I would say this, they look spiffing too!